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Don’t Forget the Décolletage

In this blog post, we will explore one of the first places to show signs of ageing, the area under your neck and between your breasts – also known as the Décolletage. If you want to know more about how to care for this often forgotten area we’ve put together some essential information for you.

March 17th, 2021

By: Dr. Anoob Pakkar-Hull, Aesthetic Consultant and Director at Laila Aesthetics

They are the great forgotten. The neck and décolletage are very prominent areas of the female anatomy, but without proper care, they can become your worst enemy, as they show, like no other, the passage of time.

According to Healthline: “Located south of your chin, the beauty industry refers to the décolletage as your neck and chest — a critical cosmetic area that often gets overlooked.”

The skin of this area is very fragile, it has specific characteristics that make it more vulnerable to external aggressions than the rest of the body. The sun is largely responsible for the ageing of the décolletage although genetic and hormonal factors are always to be considered.

This area of the body often has weak supporting musculature which increases the tendency of sagging. Additionally, this skin is deprived of sebaceous glands. The hydro-lipid layer, the essential protective barrier, is smaller. This makes sebum, the basic component of the hydrolipidic film, to be found in lesser quantity, so the thickness and quality of the protective layer are lessened, facilitating dehydration.

The rejuvenation of the décolletage is very important - the face can lose some of its youthfulness if the neck and décolleté are prematurely aged causing an uneven skin tone. So how can you help prevent this ageing and how can you treat it?

How do we prevent premature ageing of the décolletage?

To prevent premature ageing of the décolletage there are two main aspects to consider.

  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

    • The most important preventative action you can take is to use daily SPF protection. It is a must.

    • Make sure to choose a product that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

  • Clothing

    • If you have no SPF in hand, avoid wearing V-neck shirts that expose the delicate skin of your décolletage. In fact, even with SPF on, consider wearing clothing to protect from intense sunlight.

How do we treat the décolletage?

At Laila Aesthetics, we are adept at prescribing personalized treatment plans, which through the complementation of various techniques, can treat problems in the décolletage area. We start with a thorough consultation, including an examination of the skin, assessing texture, tone, Fitz-Patrick classification and degree of crepiness, before embarking on an individual treatment plan. We tailor all our treatments to your individual skin type to provide the most effective results.

After agreeing on a plan, we discuss the number of sessions and expected results.

For mild skin problems in the décolletage area, we usually recommend topical solutions including:

  • A good moisturizer (hydrating the skin should be a top priority)

  • SPF every day (applying a good sunscreen daily)

  • Chemical peels (can help diminish wrinkles and uneven skin tone, Glycolic & TCA peels are usually recommended)

If further care is necessary, subdermal treatments may be recommended. These include:

  • Microneedling + Mesotherapy (AQ’s Growth Factor Induced Therapy™)

    • Microneedling and Mesotherapy are treatments involving multiple tiny injections to boost skin's natural collagen production. We combine these with 'Growth factors', which are naturally produced by the body and critical for the regulation of cell activities and homeostasis. When extracted and applied to the skin, growth factors can penetrate the dermis, trigger the secretion of other vital growth factors necessary to repair the skin and stimulate collagen production.

  • Skin Boosters

    • Skin boosters are injectable hydrating products that help recondition skin, prevent damage and slow the ageing process across your skin. Some of the products we use include: Profhilo, Sunekos, and Redensity by Teosyal.

Mesotherapy is the mainstay of our treatment with consideration of skin boosters either on their own or in conjunction with Mesotherapy and microneedling.

Additional treatments that may be recommended for rejuvenation of the décolletage include: PRP, Meso-Tox, Plasma Pen, Collagen Inducing Therapy, HIFU, and Laser LIPC. If you want to learn more about these additional treatments, feel free to reach out to us via email.

I hope this piece has given you some insight into the décolletage, and how to take care of it. The preventative methods are easy to incorporate into your day-to-day and can make a massive difference for your skin now and in the future. Once again, don’t forget the décolletage!

- End -

If you want to learn more about décolletage treatment, or need any medical aesthetics consultancy feel free to contact me at:

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