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Dr Anoob Pakkar-Hull (MBBS, MRCA, EDRA, AAAM), Founder and Director at Laila Aesthetics is a Medical Aesthetic Consultant with a passion for leveraging his medical expertise to perform medical-grade aesthetic treatments. He is also an Anaesthetist for the NHS, with a proven track record of over 25 years.

Despite his background in Medicine, Dr Anoob gravitated towards aesthetics and developed a particular interest in shape, form, balance and symmetry. He decided to embark on a journey, undertaking a Basic Foundation Course consequently investing in further advanced training, obtaining the American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine’s (AAAM) Certification, Diploma, and Board Certification (their highest qualification). He is also an Accredited Trainer for the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia, and guest lectures at Leeds University.

Training has been a big part of his professional career.

Pairing his extensive aesthetic training and experience, with his 25 years medical experience, Dr. Anoob now offers training courses to take you to the next level of your aesthetics career.

If you want to learn with the highest medical standards, soaking in Dr. Anoob’s decades of experience, check out our latest course below.

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Training for the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

It is always a privilege to accept the invitation to be a trainer for the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). Recently, in London, I conducted aesthetic workshops for an international team of delegates consisting of doctors and dentists looking to achieve their Level 1 Certification and the Level 2 Diploma for the AAAM.

A great opportunity for networking and learning, I always enjoy these training days. Especially when you have 17 enthusiastic doctors and dentists from countries including: Turkey, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, and many more.

We went through a lot of different procedures in their curriculum with demonstrations and hands on practice for the delegates.

No doubt, they will each pursue their individual path in Medical Aesthetics and I wish them every success!


Trainer & Assessor

Proud to be elected as a member of the British Society of Aesthetic Examiners and Assessors (BSAEA). Very excited to join BSAEA as I’m looking to commit much more time to training this year, aiming to contribute to raising and maintaining a high standard in the aesthetic industry.



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